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Information about WebPod Studio - Podcast Software

View screenshots WebPod Studio is the World's Leading Podcast Software that produces both audio and video podcasts. This software was designed to help both novice and experienced pc users create, gather content, and produce quality audio and video podcasts for the internet. It’s podcasting made easy and without the need to employ outside sources.

In addition, user-designed podcasts can be uploaded to existing servers and archived on those servers, or burned onto CD or DVD discs.

Lionhardt Technologies has integrated world class features into WebPod Studio Podcast Software so the user can produce outstanding quality podcasts. Various output options are available for transcripts and other materials to be produced for podcasts and to establish connectivity to the world of Rich Site Summary (RSS) and Blogging. The integrated Studio Director assists the novice user in selecting the correct feature for what the user wishes to accomplish in that session, while ensuring that the appropriate wizard will be presented on start-up.

Podcast Software Award It is this technology that makes WebPod Studio Podcast Software so easy to work with. All actions are done in small gradual steps, asking simple and direct questions through either ticking options or pull-down menus. Virtually all options are pre-selected based on available hardware and anticipated needs. This will help you create podcasts fast and efficiently. Designed around the 'less is more' philosophy, WebPod Studio will extract all the needed information in very few steps, yet will still harness the full power of available audio and video capabilities.

WebPod Studio takes the tedious side of publishing out of the equation, by making the publishing process as simple and transparent as possible. Overall, the publishing of generated podcasts will take no more than three steps. The same applies to the generating of the RSS file.

WebPod Studio is available in three versions, Standard, Professional & Enterprise. See feature matrix for comparisons. Pricing starts at $34.95 (USD).