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Canadian firm, Lionhardt Technologies, specializes in both established and emerging computer technologies.
Our success comes from our ability to customize applications enabling us to create solutions that meet individual and specific IT requirements.

Privacy Suite

Prevent data breaches. Avoid disclosure or leakage of sensitive data.

Lionytics™for Twitter

Roughly 60% of all direct twitter messages and mentions are spam or malware attacks. Lionytics™ continuously scans for content that potentially can harm your twitter presence, giving you the peace of mind knowing you’re protected from spam and malware.

Developer products

Tools and libraries for developers. Make development faster, easier, and more cost efficient.

Tools and Libraries for Developers.

Consumer Products

Lionhardt software products are sold worldwide and available in several different languages.

Lionhardt Technologies Software Products

Lionhardt software products are sold worldwide and are available in several different languages.

WebPod Studio, is the worlds leading podcast software available on the market and can now be purchased both online and at the retail level in many larger retail outlets.

Lionhardt also markets Lionytics™, BlogWizard, Broadcast Builder, Enclosure Extractor, and other software products.